Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Uptown Guy

vlcsnap-2013-04-23-08h26m48s141Photo from “No Regret”

After the events of Sabado de Chorva, Pesky Roommate and I have been doing the silent war. I’m not talking with him because I’m afraid that questions about that incident would soon ensue and, after all the months that have passed, I still don’t know what to tell him. When I first met Pesky Roommate, telling him who I really am seemed so easy, and quite frankly, was planning to. But as I get to know him, I’m glad I didn’t. I didn’t nickname him Pesky Roommate for nothing. So, severing my ties with him was really a relief. Well, most of my ties. Sadly, we are officemates.

As much as it was a relief not minding him, it was really stressful living with someone whose presence you do not acknowledge. Yeah, I regret ever having agreed to rent the same room. But I did learn something. Living with someone other than your family should be carefully thought of. Even if you are close friends because you tend to see them in another light. Specifically bad light. This specially applies to boyfriends. So, I guess, no living together with my future special someone.

But it took me months to actually move out. I think I was afraid of the unknown. I realized that even though I am living independently from my parents, I was not living independently from others. I was always with roommates or just next door with someone I know. Living alone seemed scary. So I let my self get stressed out sharing a room with Pesky Roommate because it was familiar. This is exactly how all toxic relationships work. They stay because, even if they get hurt everyday, it’s something they know. Because leaving would mean that they have to sail the stormy seas of the unknown.

Anyways, like I said, it took me months to finally move-out and boy, it feels so f****ng great to have finally done it! I love my new crib. Same rent, same terms, it has a garden (I could finally put my itching green thumbs to  the test), safe and peaceful neighborhood and more importantly, the place is all my own. I can now do the overnight face mask! LOL!


JM said...

Very introspective post. :) Galing talaga ni idol.

Anonymous said...

trulili! sometimes we think we are independent but in reality we aren't. and pesky roommates are the worst! hahaha!

and yes you can now slather your face with creams and whatnots without being self-conscious!

now go have fun in your own crib! hahaha!

Blakrabit said...

@Master: Salamat! You're always complimenting me even for the smallest things. :P

@Anon: Sakto! Pesky Roommates are the worst! Hehe. Any recommendation for a good night cream? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha well i do have a certain cream in mind... hahahaha!