Monday, May 23, 2011


We were on a trip to Nagcarlan, Laguna with my ex-officemates last May 14 and I just lost my wallet pero parang wala lang dahil nakita ko sya! Yes, iindahin ko ang lungkot in the name of kalandian! Bigla tuloy ako napabili kahit wala na akong pera makunan ko lang siya at ma-share sa inyong lahat and gusto ko din kasing sumunod sa mga yapak ng greatest-voyeur-of-them-all, si Miss Chuni!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Places We Should Have Gone

Wong Fu Production's Strangers, Again have been on the top of my Top Breakup Videos for weeks during my first month off my last relationship but only their The Places We Should Have Gone got me crying because it was so close to my reality.

I liked how this beautifully made short film's ending was open ended and is subjected to the viewers' interpretation.

So, what do you guys think happened in the end?

 As for me, Becky moved on.

"We often want second chances. Sometimes we don't deserve them. The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes."

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kung hindi lang ako magreresign, ako ang magiging boss ng bagong yummy foreman namin! He'll be under me, literally. Chos!

Napapakagat labi na lang ako.

Ang cute nya lang mag smile.

Ang cute nya ring mag smile in side view.

*water* *water*

Buti nalang hindi eskandalosong kumuha ng video ang iPT4. Ahihihi.

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