Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY: Upcycling

Upcycling is one of the new things that I learned this year. It’s basically an upgraded form of recycling. Upgrade. Recycling. See how it got it’s name? Anyways, upcycling is just giving unused items another chance to shine not by using them again but by turning them into something else. Kind of like reincarnation. Really cool huh? This one’s an example. Got it from the internet. Credit to the source. (I forgot the link. Sorry.)


Turn your unused light bulbs into hanging flower vases. Got the idea?

Well, I still haven’t made anything that fancy. All I did was just made up some other uses for my unused or could-probably-be-thrown-away garbage.


Remember what I did to my table last week? This is the book’s hard cover. I felt bad for destroying it so I made sure that every part of it won’t go to waste. I made it into a cutting board of some sort. And yes, I’m using a cutter to cut my tomatoes.


I really hate throwing away cups like this. It’s a waste only using something that can be clearly used again once.





KFC fries bucket for my ashtray / mini trash can


Sola bottle as my “alkansya”


I’m really a book murderer! This is my I-can-secretly-hide-stuff-here book. So far, all I ever hid here was my stash of condoms when I was still living with Pesky Roommate

See? You really don’t have to buy new things. Some of your garbage could just do the trick! Save money, save Mother Earth!

So, what things have you upcycled?


ZaiZai said...

I really LOVE your "I-can-secretly-hide-stuff-here book" I wish there was a book big enough to stash a dead body in :)

Really nice that you're upcycling :)

Blakrabit said...

Thanks Zai!! Haha. I think you'll have more luck finding a casket made of books than a book that has been upcycled to be a casket. LOL!

jonathan said...

I like the word upcycling, sounds like you go biking up a hill, lol! If you go to my blog page and see Three Cities, they were actually book case dividers that were to be thrown away. Made three artworks with them, actually four ( to be posted soon!)