Thursday, September 26, 2013

Any Given Sunday

Sometimes, just staying in is better than braving the hustle and bustle of Sunday date night in the city.

Being both homebodies, we were in our comfort zones just relaxing at home.

That's me finishing Stephen King's Firestarter while JR is busy sketching me. Color me flattered. :)

And he also did another angle. This time, I just finished my book. I had to pose for this one. 

Me: Are going to draw me wearing this? *points to an imaginary necklace* Wearing only this?
JR: Wearing that. And your clothes. *chuckles then kisses me* Now, don't move!

It actually looked like me so I had to erase the face. Haha!

It was really cool since be both draw. Making it one of our bonding activities.
We actually competed with each other afterwards on who can draw the best mermaid. (Yes, mermaid. There's nothing gay-er than a mermaid. LOL!)

JR did the classic Disney mermaid while I did the monster mermaid. Haha! I'll upload them later. You guys be the judge. :P