Friday, April 19, 2013

The Army Navy Bribe


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One good thing about dealing with contractors is that they sometimes tend to treat you to meals.

This time, it’s merienda at Army Navy. Now, I don’t usually give in to these kind of “bribes” but since the contractor’s representative is dashingly handsome, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It’s just too bad he has his colleague in tow. Besides, I’ve been wanting forever to sample, as they say, one of Cebu’s best burgers.

Anyways, the burger is good but not good enough for its steep price. P200.00 for their Double Burger. For those fond of the sweet Pinoy burgers, this is not for you. It’s pepper-spicy. Though, it could fill you up like a major meal but I wouldn’t be back there on my own will for a long time.

So back to the handsome contractor, he has been unusually generous that day. Offering to also giving me a ride and some smoke and some small talk. That was a good breather from our contractor-sub-contractor relationship which usually just circles around all things (and problems) regarding the completion of the project. Or maybe it was just a bribe so I’ll speed up my recommendation for their billing?

Oh well, he’s straight and has a girlfriend. I just wanted to relish that good deed that lead us to be locked alone in the comfort room of a restaurant. Details? This one’s for your wild imaginations.

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Guyrony said... know what they say with men in locked doors...