Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Office Hour

It's raining.

I always feel secretly happy when it rains. Especially during office hours. Raining means staying in the office. And staying in the office means there's (almost)nothing to do for us engineers. 90% of our job is on site.

Yeah, sometimes the "lazy" gets the better of me. But not too lazy to write something though. Or am i just finding something to do to appear doing something? The HR has been checking up on me lately. Questioning my hanging in the office longer than my fellow engineers who are always out.
Of course being out means working... for her. But there's really not much to do out there, au contraire.
A few hours of supervision every now and then is fine. That is why there are foremen for full time supervisions.

Mostly, for the lack of something to do on site, the other engineers tend to do window painting, pastering, stuffs that workers do. But thinking about it more, they're just really making sure the company isn't wasting money on them. Being useful.

So i'm not being useful. But who can blame me? It's too hot outside. I have to walk hundreds of meters to get to site (and do roving inspections for a 5 hectare property)  whereas they have their own company issued motorbikes.Ugh to seniority. They have everything. They are well respected, well recognized and well trusted.
Haha! That really sounded too ambitious (and envious) coming from a cadet engineer who's only been on the job for three months. It's not really a rant. Just some realizations. Not a judgment. Just an observation.

Surveillance cameras! I just remembered the company had some installed here in the office. Are they in operation? It'd surely feel weird. Being watched. It's.... like Big Brother! That could actually force me to go and roast myself outside. But I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe not. 'Cause the office would be well behaved then. Yes, things can get rowdy(in a good way) in here. Or are they deliberately concealing that information from us? Does the HR know? Maybe she does. She's the one in charge in making sure we do our pieces of work after all. But do the bosses know? 'Cause they kind of start the "kulitan" sometimes.
Ooohh.. an office conspiracy theory!!

How long have been I writing? 30 minutes? Does the boss notice? Thank god I'm at the left end of the row. Four tables away from him. And the CPU cleverly placed at the right side of my monitor to block their view. I should open some excel files now in case he comes near me. It's easy to quickly switch tabs. It's also good our HR's out in the main office. Aside from always being snarky at me, she does a good job surveying my work station and figuring out what i'm at.

Oh, the boss has started playing Call of Duty! Yay! It's safe to do non work related things now. See? There's really not much to do this afternoon.

October 8, 2010 3:42PM

note: this is not my work station

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do You Hate Me 'Cause I'm Pieces of You?

SELLING OVER 11 MILLION COPIES!, this album explains life at the best! Definitely a moving and in depth album.

Jewel stands back and takes a look at what we are doing wrong and the positive things we can change it with. The production on this CD isn't top-notch. Many of the songs were recorded live, giving them a rougher feel than you'd expect. Having said that, I think it is that imperfectness that makes this such an enjoyable album. Some of the music made today are too glossy for its own good and most artists go all over the stage dancing and the women throwing out their private parts, then along with the autotuning of their voices it doesn't sound good and pure. I like all of Jewel's songs really. It's nice to hear music that sounds like the artist is playing right there in front of you rather than making it sound perfect in the studio.

"Pieces of You" may be one of Jewel's best. It shows her versatility and showcases her poetic songwriting and great guitar work. She's brutally honest and morose and real, and it definitely showed that she had some amazing skill.   

My favorite from the album is the carrier single "Pieces of You". The lyrics are so simple ,yet if you think about it, are compelling. Its about how we judge people on how they look or what they do and how in the end they are not that different from us. We're all equal and have a piece of everyone inside of us, and it's true that when you find yourself hating on someone or disrespecting them over something, if you just stop and reflect, it turns out that the things you are angry about are the things you are hiding from yourself... things that you are or do that you wish you weren't or didn't do.


She's an ugly girl, does it make you want to kill her?
She's an ugly girl, do you want to kick in her face?
She's an ugly girl, she doesn't pose a threat.
She's an ugly girl, does she make you feel safe?
Ugly girl, ugly girl, do you hate her
'Cause she's pieces of you?

She's a pretty girl, does she make you think nasty thoughts?
She's a pretty girl, do you want to tie her down?
She's a pretty girl, do you call her a bitch?
She's a pretty girl, did she sleep with your whole town?
Pretty girl, pretty girl, do you hate her
'Cause she's pieces of you?

You say he's a faggot, does it make you want to hurt him?
You say he's a faggot, do you want to bash in his brain?
You say he's a faggot, does he make you sick to our stomach?
You say he's a faggot, are you afraid you're just the same?
Faggot, Faggot, do you hate him
'Cause he's pieces of you?

You say he's a Jew, does it mean that he's tight?
You say he's a Jew, do you want to hurt his kids tonight?
You say he's a Jew, he'll never wear that funny hat again.
You say he's a Jew, as though being born were a sin.
Oh Jew, oh Jew, do you hate him
'Cause he's pieces of you?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Don't Wanna Be a Billionaire

I knew it was just a matter of time until I inherit my aunt's burdens from some relatives in the province.

I just got a call from my Uncle, his wife and Lolo asking for some "financial assistance".

Uncle asked me to help him find a job here at my current work since he just allegedly lost his job because some NPAs thrashed and burned their work transportation. I don't know what his job is but I'm pretty sure they'll find a way to get to work sooner or later. I just didn't like the way he was talking about the probability of his children stopping school like it was my responsibility. That It was my duty to help them. And even if I did want to help him, I can't. I've just barely started my job and being one of those who do the payroll, bringing in a relative is a conflict of interest.

the facts are these:

Uncle is the only guy from my grandparents' brood. He's spoiled. He's lazy. He's got half a dozen kids! He's been given a lot of job opportunities, capital for a business but it all went to nothing. And that's me not being judgmental.
Lolo on the other hand asked me some money for his meds. Yep! That's legit. Something that I can't argue about but..

the facts are these:

Although Lolo got a valid reason to ask for money, there were events when he really was just asking for Uncle-his-spoiled-only-son. It's not that I won't give him anything even though I'm suspecting that, I just don't have the capacity to help every one of them right now. And by "every one of them" I mean only him. Uncle (and any other relatives) will just have to figure things for himself and his family.

It's hard being the eldest. eldest son. eldest grand son. eldest nephew. It's hard to be the only one among the 3rd generation  (from my grand parents) to actually have work. Every one just tend to look up to you. Turn to you for help. But I ain't a billionaire. And I honestly don't wanna be one if that means people around me would just slack off (of course with the exception of my mom, siblings and Lolo).