Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gloom Shroom

I woke up unusually early today. Did my daily routine in preparing for work and was at the office by six. My work starts at 8am. I practically did no work until 10 am and when I pushed myself into beginning my work for the day, I just can't seem to complete any of them. My mind is just everywhere to be productive.

I'm in gloom, apparently. I don't know exactly why.

Maybe I've been longing for Nurse for too long that it already took its toll. He never got out of my mind ever since. All my number's blocked in his phone. I'm hopeless.

Maybe because I'm feeling the effects of living alone in a far place.

Maybe I'm feeling the pressure of standing on my own feet without financial assistance from my father. Which reminds me that I'm critically running low on dough and with the payday still a week ahead.

Maybe I just have so much work to do that I've been missing almost all of my deadlines.

Maybe because I have to lay off some of my workers.

Maybe because a couple of colleagues are not coming back to work after the Holy Week.

Maybe I'm longing to just touch someone passionately.