Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Book Page Table

Having my own place now really made me care about how it looks. I never felt like this when I was still living in boarding houses. Well, maybe because I never saw them as my own.

Anyways, my new crib comes with this table. It used to be wrapped with a cheap gift wrapper (probably an excess from the last Christmas season) which I removed. After skinning the table alive, its true self was revealed. It was horrendous. I instinctively reached for the gift wrapper to try and put it back but I’ve already torn it into bits and pieces. 



Having nothing nice to cover it, I remembered the Book Page craft I read on the internet. I was thinking of doing that for my wall but this table needs an urgent make-over.


-Book/s (One that you probably don’t care about. I got mine from BookSale for P15.00)

-Scotch Tape or Glue or any adhesives

-Plastic Cover


-Push Pins or Thumb Tacks



What you’ll need to do? Just cover the table with the pages of the book. You’ll be tearing a book page by page that’s why I told you to use one that does not interest you. But, I guess, if you are a book lover, destroying a any book would always be like murder.


I made mine by overlapping the pages and doing both horizontal and vertical orientations. I suggest to let the pages on the edges to go a little over the so the sides will also be covered.04212013(010)

Then use the plastic cover. I used push pins to keep the edge of the paper and plastic cover underneath in place but you can use any adhesive you want.

Now, does it not look a thousand times better?

I can’t wait to do this on my wall!


JM said...

That's scandalous!!! Lol. Not bad, your creative side is showing. :P

Blakrabit said...

Thanks Master! Still got a lot of ideas brewing.

So, is that another blog you're using?

JM said...

No. There's a problem with RSS. Just update your link with the same URL. :)

Glad you're once again blogging, idol.

Anonymous said...

ay sayang ang libro! unless of course it's twilight. hahaha