Friday, May 24, 2013

The Neighbors

Look at what the cat dragged in.. or slipped under my door.



I did not really expect to receive anything like this but when I saw this one morning, clearly slipped under my door, I felt the rush of discovering something coming from the left field.
It’s in Cebuano so I’ll do the best translation I could make.

HI Kuya Blak,
Pwede ako humingi ng favor? Kuwan… hihihi!  Pwede mo akong i-add sa FB? Matagal na sana kitang gustong i-ask tungkol dyan kaya lang nahihiya kasi ako. Then si Kim, hindi nya gusto na makipag-close ako sayo. Seloso kasi yun. Sinulat ko na lang kasi nahihiya ako sayo sa personal. Maiintindihan ko din kung hindi mo ako pwede i-add. Pasensya na rin ha kung maingay kami kasi palagi kaming nag-aaway.  (I don’t know how to translate the last sentence. It’s a Cebuano expression which means, Don’t get mad/offended/annoyed, or something to that effect. Hehee)

(insert his e-mail address here)
It was a little flattering but I just laughed it off. You see, my neighbors are a gay couple. Kim and Rik. Not that very discreet. Kim is the mature one, lates 20s,  and Rik, the one who sent me the letter, is the twinky one. They always fight with each other. One time, I heard Kim asking Rik why he was replying with a guy’s messages in FB. HAHA! So, no, I wouldn’t want to get dragged in one of their fights. None of them is worth getting dragged into marital war zones.
So, why the hell would Rik send me something like that? Well, I guess they pieced the clues together every time they see me bringing guys home and then coming out all sweaty-with-sex-hair after an hour. I just can’t seem to get the perfect timing when they are not around. Believe me, I’ve tried every possible time schedules but they’re just like flies that you can’t shake off around shit. I don’t think they even go to work or school or whatever. That’s really a great obstacle whenever I have “visitors”.
Also, the same day I got the letter, I noticed this above my door..

Really creeeeeepy! I got this twice. >_<