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Yeah, they are our society's open secret. More than people like us.

I had a classmate, who also is a close friend, who is openly (but not loudly) dating lesbians. She never really specified her orientation but I guess her preference speaks for herself. I remember her showing me the tricks and trades of hooking up with the same sex (in her case, girls). MIRC chatrooms and, which she initially typed minus the "e". Because I couldn't bear no more after some minutes of her figuring out why the hell isn't she directed to te site, I had to correct her with that and pretend to be amused with the MIRC interface while looking innocently, thus, keeping my cover as her straight, geeky classmate.

"Hmm.. ayaw gumana Ate Joy eh. Invalid yata yung URL. Baka kulang ng letter? Baka may "e" sa gitna?"

"Pano gumamit nyan? Ayos yan ah! Kelangan pa mag register? Eh Pano mo makikita yung mga chatrooms? Waa! Nakakalito naman!"

She even taught me the categories of her kind.

HARD BUTCH - Manly in every way, even more manly than a regular straight guy. The only things keeping them from crossing over Adam's side are their bandage flattened boobs and umm.. their vagina! The lesbians' version of our transvestites.

SOFT BUTCH - Dresses like a guy but with some girly touch here and there. More fashion conscious than the HBs

LIPSTICK LESBO -Ate Joy belongs to this category. They are our Pamintas without the society's intense pressure to keep them hiding inside their closets. I mean, c'mon, most people will be amazed if a LL revealed herself. Disgust from the closeminded, on the other hand, is what we get for the same revelation.

Since we both were living in dorms, we get to spend an awful lot of time
together. I learned about her previous relationships (all are of the same sex) and witnessed her flirt and have relatioships online and thru texts. Just like how most PLUs do business.

There was no urge to tell her my truth at all. I mean, yes, sometimes I felt guilty when she told stories of her relationships and I kept hiding under a mask of the-straight-and-single-loner-who-is-too-geeky-and-self-absorbed-to-notice-the-opposite-sex but I guess I felt that I had everythig to lose... and she's not the secret keeping kind (not deliberately, of course). Although I did confess to Ate Joy's dormmate, a girl she wants me to woo, but did not believe me.

Oh well. The very first time you had the courage and a trustworthy person to tell who you really are and they call you a liar?! That sucked!

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Mu[g]en said...

Never will I doublethink to reveal my true colors kapag ganun. Hahaha!