Monday, January 24, 2011

The Frustrated Chef's Garlic Herb Chicken

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for tuning on us again!

Welcome to the Frustrated Chef's Show!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Our recipe for today is.. drumrolls please...

..oh, yun na nga pala yung title hehehe, plangak!

Since kaming dalawa ni papa RT ko ay mga dukha lamang, we don't usually get out on a date that much. Movie dates are only possible for those big-budget-special-effects-driven movies of each quarter! Yes, quarter talaga. Unless it's the MMFF,  where you don't have a choice but to help our country's dying film industry or when barkadas bug us for a movie get together. For the rest of the movies that do not fit the description, kuntento na kami sa paghihintay sa kanila sa at panonood sa 32" LCD TV ni RT with matching surround sound. Parang sine na din, nakatipid pa! For dinner dates naman, bihira na din kami lumabas (dukha nga kami). Super special occassions lang and when we both have extra money to spare or when I find out about this super-affordable-and-excellent hard to find hole-in-the-wall resto. But on the rest of the special nights, being frustrated chefs,  we just cook something fancy every now and then. It definitely beats dining out! No hassles, no gastos, plus it's something that we both do together. Oh ha! Oh ha!

This is where we usually get our recipes. This app is a life saver!
So eto na ang pinili naming lutuin!


AllRecipes on RT's iPad, mas sosyal ang interface!

  I tricked RT to put a LOT of garlic! teehee!

syempre talagang kelangang isingit sa shot si iPad 

my favorite spices! tarragon, pepper, and garlic! RT added some italian seasoning in the mix for added flavor. :D

whisking in the olive oil.. then the chicken breasts

the nice shots were from RT phone

marinate for about 2hrs.. wrap in foil.. then bake in the oven.. for...hmm.. tinantya lang namin kasi ibang size ng cuts nung chicken.

at ang finished product

... tandadadan!!

Super sarap mga pre! As in RACKS delish! Oi, hindi ito biased porket kami ang nagluto... okay sige, medyo dry sya ng konti kasi tinanggal namin yung foil habang binebake pero malasa talaga siya. :D

It's never frustrating to make Garlic Herb Chicken.

'Till next time!

Stay tuned!


Straycat260 said...

Mukhang masarap. Mukha naman,, = )

Blakrabit said...

Masarap kaya!! (defensive?) Hehehe parang yung chicken lang ng Racks hehe

Mike said...

wow sarap naman. ano yung app dun sa iPad?

Blakrabit said...

@mike masarap tlaga! Nyahaha! allrecipes yung app :D