Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I just turned 25.

I wasn't really looking forward and expecting some big, exciting celebration to happen on my day. Heck, I was even planning on sleeping this one out after the traditional family dinner like I did Christmas and New Year.

Well, I guess what I'm saying is, as a guy who very much loves surprises, I was uh.. surprised with the turn of events.

Akala ko nga (syet, biglang kabig ng Tagalog. Nosebleed na kasi LOL!) I'll be subjected to a boring birthday but I was wrong.

It was supposed to be just OK pero naging MASAYA!

To start things off, I spent my first birthday hours with RT. Ang original plan kasi, I'll celebrate with my family in advance para on the day itself si RT na kasama ko (we're supposed to just cook something fancy for dinner) pero sabi ni Itay aakyat kami ng Tagaytay on my birthday, so change of plans. Syempre gusto ko yung partner ko kasama ko when the clock reads 12:01 AM so I opted to stay at RT's and go home the next day.

Pag-uwi ko sa bahay hindi na pala tuloy ang Tagaytay trip namin. I wasn't shocked, really. Mabilis talaga magbago ng plano ang mga tao sa bahay haha! But they more than made it up by preparing a sumptuous feast. Akala ko nga may dadating na bisita kaya isasabay nalang sa birthday ko pero para sakin pala talaga yun. Also, kaya pala hindi natuloy yung supposed Tagaytay dining kasi hindi pwedeng ilabas yung kapatid kong kaka-chemo pa lang.

Anyways, natuwa naman ako kasi parang kiddie party lang with matching cake and number candles to blow! Ang dami ko din palang bisita mostly mga kapitbahay namin na di ko naman talaga close pero oks lang. It felt like I was back being a kid again. Without responsibilities. It's selfish but there was a part of me who wanted to be stuck in the moment. Thought lang naman, of course the bliss (yes, this is a V reference) eventually faded after ng handaan at konting kwentuhan. It was a special celebration, none the less.

Salamat kay Itay, Step Mom, Sisters, mga kasambahay at mga bisita! :D

"First, the kiddie parties (gifts, games and feasts) stop. Then when you're too old for those, you jusr celebrate it with a family dinner in a nice restaurant and, instead of wrapped gifts, cash is a more practical incentive (In me and my siblings' case, we get P1,000 on our birthdays). Then you get older and you now have a job, it all feels that it's your turn to do all the pleasing since your supposed to be financially capable already. It sucks right?"

The day after my birthday is the first day of work week. Birthdays in the office mean free merienda at gastos para sa celebrant! Ritwal na yun sa office kaya kailangang pangatawanan. Marami na din naman akong naexperience na meryenda so quits lang at dumating kasi si boss so no choice talaga. I bought a huge bilao of pansit for the whole crew and some softdrinks. Grabe ang gastos (T ^ T) but it was OK kasi Boss invited everyone for a dinner / inuman after office. Post celebration daw for me! Yes, Boss always take us out to dinner and some drinks but this time, this one's for me. I couldn't express how honored I was. Finally, I felt like one of the big leagues (yung mga mas nauna at may mas matataas na posisyon sakin). The dinner was fun (hindi ko na iisa isahin mga pangyayari basta masaya siya hehe) and we ended it with a toast for me!

Syempre, being someone who doesn't want to be under the spotlight of attention, I was awkward during those for-me-celebrations. But I was deeply touched sa effort at importance na natanggap ko for my birthday. I was even worried, having constantly checking my FB wall, na baka walang bumati but instead, I got tons of them!

Thank you everyone!

I don't know what's with becoming 25 years old but I sure didn't feel any older.

I felt younger, to say the least.

It was a happy two days.



xall percé said...

Happy 25th First Breath Anniversary!!! I already greeted you on facebook, greet na lang ulit kita dito, KUYA.

Mu[g]en said...

Naalala mo yung sabi ko dati sayo idol, you're the epitome of GV. Everyone wants to be around you, and because its you're birthday, they all came to celebrate it.

Belated ulit!

gillboard said...

belated happy birthday!!!

Blakrabit said...

@xall: thanks! Natutuwa talaga ako sa term mong yan ahihihi

@master: Waw! Touched naman ako wehehe.Di ko na matandaan yun pero may episodes din ako ng BV tulad nh iba

@gillboard: tenchu!!!