Thursday, January 20, 2011


Speaking of 25, naalala ko hindi pa pala kumpleto yung "25 Things About Me" na series of posts ko. So here it is from where I left off.




Yung mga notebooks at libro ko hindi nawawalan ng scribbles sa likod. Nung highschool, whenever my teachers check my notes, they would always put a note "anong pinag gagagawa mo back pages ng notebook mo!?". I guess it was a symbolic manifestation that I'm living double lives. Someone who is inside society's boundaries in front and outside of the box at the back. When it comes to my books, hindi lang scribbles meron kundi set of animated scenes. Mas makapal ang libro, mas mahabang scenes ang nagagawa ko and yes, I use up all the book's pages. My work would be something like that gif image on the right side of my blog page.


I like my taho without the arnibal and sago. Also I prefer original flavored soymilk!


Ewan ko ba pero naiirita ako or naasiwa when someone or something other than me touches my stomach and my knees. Kaya hindi lumalampas ang ID lace ko sa dibdib (or I don't wear one) at ang shorts ko ay above the knee. Yes, I am indeed a psychologically ill person. Teehee! Minsan yan ang panlaban ni RT sakin kapag kinikiliti ko kilikili nya (armpit fetish? LOL), hinahawakan nya tyan or tuhod ko!


This may not come as a surprise for all of you kasi evident naman sya sa blog ko, I am a foodie! I like discovering hole-in-the-wall restos and places where you get quality food with budget friendly prices!


I'm a practicing Buddhist and I know I've got a lot more to learn to become a real one. I'm just taking it one step at a time since you really have to adapt to the Buddhist way of life before you can finally say "This works for me." No, I'm not preaching here and I won't go down the religion-comparing way. I just believe that we all have the right to pick our own religion (when we are of the deciding age) instead of what our parents decide is good for us when we were just mindless, innocent, cute little babies. But if you already love and believe in your initial religion, then it's all good. For the rest, Tabula Rasa, start with a clean slate.


Mu[g]en said...

Naks practicing Buddhist! Hehehe.

gillboard said...

the only thing sa list na 'to na pareho tayo ay ang mga doodles sa likod ng notebook. di ako nakikinig noon sa mga teacher ko, sulat lang ng sulat at drawing ng drawing...

ngayon wala na siya sa likod, nasa gilid na ng notebooks. :)

Blakrabit said...

@master: yup! Mahirap nga lang tanggalin ang vices. Huhu

@gillboard: haha! Ako kahit saan basta may space wehehe.