Friday, October 21, 2011

Under the Storm (Finale)

One of his hands suddenly grabbed a fistful of Gab's shirt right below his throat. The other shifted to a grip on the hair of the top of his head. Gino bent his head, and his mouth was hard on Gab's, his lips moving as if he would devour him, his hard hands pulling him closer. Gab had been too astonished to struggle, even as Gino shifted his grip and pulled his body tight against his own. A sudden heat rushed through him, a lust he could not conceal or deny. Gino's mouth tasted of liquor and his cheek, though shaven, scraped against Gab's when he tried to pull away from him.

Gab gasped for breath, smothered between the kiss and the truth of how badly he wanted this. He put his hands against Gino's chest and pushed but could put no strength into the rejection. Gino held him easily and his deep quiet chuckle at Gab's feeble struggle vibrated through them, chest to chest.

Gino finally broke the kiss but continued to press himself tightly against Gab. He spoke by his ear. “Don't worry. Struggle as much as you think you should, or need to. I won't let you win. It's going to happen to you. Just as you always dreamed it would. Someone just needs to take a firm hand with you.”

“Let me go, man! Are you mad or drunk?” Gab's voice wavered uncertainly. The wind blew harder but he scarcely felt it. Gino effortlessly pinned his arms to his side. He was taller and stronger and he lifted Gab, not quite off his feet but in a way that let him know he could. He pressed his body against him and spoke through clenched teeth. “Neither mad nor drunk, Gab. Just more honest than you are. I don't have to ask 'What do you want, please, sir?' It was written all over your face as you stared at the happy couple. It wasn't the bride you were lusting after. It was Marcus. Well, who wouldn't? Such a handsome fellow. But you'll never have him now and neither will I. So perhaps we should settle for what we can have.” and pulled him close.

“I didn't,” Gab started to lie. “I don't know . . .” Then Gino's mouth descended again, kissing him deeply and roughly, bruising his lips until Gab gave in and opened them to him. He made a small, involuntary noise and Gino laughed into his open mouth. Then suddenly, he broke the embrace and stepped back from Gab. He nearly fell. Gab stumbled back from Gino, and the night grove of trees seemed to swing around him in a wide circle dance. He lifted the back of his hand to his mouth, tasted the salt of blood from his stinging lips. “I don't understand,” he said faintly.

“Don't you?” Gino smiled again. “I think you do. All of this will be easier when you admit you do.” He stepped closer to him and Gab did not retreat. Gino reached for him again and he did not flee. Gino's hands were hard and strong and knowing as he seized him and pulled him close.

The storm swept around them, making the trees bow and dance, but the cold couldn't reach them. Both of their bodies were radiating heat q The deep bed of needles in the darkness beneath the low-swooping pinetree branches had smelled sweet when they were crushed beneath their weight. The darkness of the sky and the swaying lush plants had covered them both perfectly like conniving parties to a secret affair. Time and family and the expectations of the rest of the world were blown away by the storm's breath.

The End.

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Based on an exerpt from Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb

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