Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Skull Boy and AF Elephant

One of my dream businesses is the T-Shirt Design/Printing business. I've drawn some designs and concepts but the whole thing is pretty much inside my head until I saw a Sharpie fabric marker at National Bookstore the other day. I always wanted to have one eversince some TV magazine show featured AnalogSoul, an establishment who uses Sharpie markers to hand-draw their designs into bags, shirts and shoes! They are one of my inspirations.

Okay, so I bought one for about P50+. I was looking for other colors but they only have black ones.

Anyways, with the Sharpie and an old white shirt, here's my first venture in my T-Shirt business! I did it in between studying (read: when bored) and just drew whatever came into my head that time.

Here is Skull Boy

And AF Elephant. This isn't my original design. I just saw it somewhere and liked it so much. Credit to the original artist, whoever you are. What's AF, you say? You'll figure it out! Haha.

So here they are.

I drew the elephant first thinking that the side I am using is the front. I had to draw skull boy in the front to balance it out. I could've done more with some colors.


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Mugen said...

Uy, puwede ko ba hiramin ang idea, magdrawing rin ako sa mga white t-shirt ko? Lolz.

Drew Callous Boy said...

Lol ang kyot naman ng AF elephant

shenanigans said...

galing ah!

Solo ang peg mo diyan!


the green breaker said...

mas gusto nako si skull. haha

Blakrabit said...

@Master: Oo naman! Hehe. Para maging exciting naman ang mga white shirts natin. (:

@Drew & Shenanigans: Haha! Thanks guys! Sabi na nga ba, madaming matutuwa sa elepante. hihi.

Kiks said...

Wow, Sharpie!!!

Me likey. Me envy. Me covet. Me sin.

Gusto ko lahat. pwedeng magpadrowing?

(honestly, i also want to make tshirt designs. thanks for rekindling the inspire.)

Tamuríl Vardamil said...

boyfriend ordered about a dozen of sharpies for our temporarily-closed-will-send-out-notice-once-we-reopen-god-knows-when business. check it out..

Facebook- print your personality

gamit na gamit nuon. ngaun, cobwebs all over.

baka gusto mo makisosyo? haha

odin hood said...

di yan AF! sa fellatio mouth/throat/tongue ang ginagamit, HINDI ILONG! hahaha

Blakrabit said...

@GB: Thanks! Ako sab gusto ko si skull boy kay orig design nako siya. (:

@Kiks: Sure! Send me some designs for your shirt and I'll do my very best not ruin it. hehe.

@TV: Wow! Nakita ko na designs nyo. NICE! Hand Painted lahat! :D Pero bakit puro shoes lang?

@Sis: Bwahahaha! eh ginamit lang ni elephant ang creativity niya at kung anong meron siya. LOL!

Sean said...

Ako first customer sa negosyo. Pabili! :)