Friday, October 21, 2011

Under the Storm (3rd part)

“What would you like me to say?” Gab felt trapped. Was the man mocking him or trying to be friendly with him? His conversations are now dangerously playing at the fine line between taunting and friendliness.

“That would be good. Yes. Say, 'Please, sir, what would you like?'”

It took him a moment to analyze it in his mind. When he spoke, the words came smoothly, but Gino shook his head and made a sad mouth. “Oh, dear. Not like that. You need to open your mouth more. They're a very voluble people.”


“Say it again, but open your mouth more. Purse your lips out.”

It was pure mockery. Gab was certain of it now. He made his words brisk. “I'm cold. I'm going back inside now.”

But as he strode past him, Gino's hand had shot out suddenly and gripped Gab's left shoulder. He tugged him sharply, spinning the smaller man so that Gab almost collided with him.

Say it again.” he urged him pleasantly. “In any language you like. Say, 'Please, sir, what would you like?'”

His fingers were biting into Gab's shoulder right through the formal shirt he donned for the occasion. Gab tried to squirm away.

“Let go! What do you want?” Gab demanded, but Gino had responded by seizing his other shoulder. He gave a sudden jerk that nearly pulled Gab off his feet. They were suddenly chest to chest, with Gino staring down into Gab's face.

“What do I want? Hmm. Not quite the same as asking me what I would like, but it will do. You should be asking what you want for yourself, Gab. I wonder if you've ever dared to ask that question, let alone answer it. Because the answer is very plain to me. You want this.”

Gino bent his head, and his mouth was hard on Gab's. His lips moving as if he would devour him, his hard hands pulling him closer.

To be continued..

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Based on an exerpt from Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb

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