Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turning Point

So the results are out and yeah, I didn't make it.

I'm not really sure if I was shocked or was already expecting not to see my name on the list of passers. I guess I never really gave my best during those six months of parent-financed review here in Cebu. There's also the case of over confidence. I trusted heavily on the numbers I was getting in my review exams and the way I was constantly yapping about them on FB and Twitter just makes me a very big airbag. I'm blaming this all on my imaginary evil twin!

Seriously, I feel sorry for those guys who were really rooting for me to pass especially my parents. I don't know how was I able to let the best people in the world down. All those support and trust down the drain. Damn. I really am a jerk. But the important thing is that these people still haven't given up on me. That's why they are the best and I'm very lucky to have them.

Just like what they say, "True failure is remaining where you have fallen.", so I won't beat myself down about it anymore.

Afterall, it's not all bad.

I decided to remain here in Cebu to look for work and to continue my (self)review. Well, it's not really a decision per se but it's something that just came so naturally that I didn't really use any brain cells up. Like going with the river's flow.

I'll be travelling the road of redemption.

In a place far from home and I know no one. By myself. By my own means and without my father's money. It's scary but it is full of possibilities.

This is my turning point.

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Mugen said...

Best wishes, and may you find your true self along the journey.

See you when I see you, Idol.

charles. said...

We can now use "there's a reason for everything" :)
Happy trails!

Kane said...

Sometimes, we're lucky and we get second chances. I hope you fare well sir. =)


Kiks said...

go get them, tiger, as one movie character said in an i-forgot-the-title-of-the-movie-from-the-90s-i-think movie.

it is the spirit that keeps us on our toes and our wits on their end.

goodluck, dear friend.

Tamuríl Vardamil said...

taga asa diay jud ka dong?

shenanigans said...

keri lang yan! nursing ka diba?

unlimited naman ang pagtake ng board eh.. hahaha!

but seriously, you really have to give your best this time you don't want to disappoint them again :)

Blakrabit said...

@Master: I am finding my true north. Thanks! Yeah, see you when I see you! Tell me whenever you're in Cebu.

@Charles: Exactly! I just feel I'm supposed to be here and that things had to happen that way. Thanks for dropping by! (:

@Kane: And having that second chance makes me very grateful. Thanks, Kane!

@Kiks: I'll definitely get 'em this time and grab life by the tail on the way.

@TV: Taga Manila ko bai. Sa Cebu na ko karon nag puyo. (:

@Shenanigans: Civil Engineering po. Sabi nga nila, the secret to succeess is failure. Failing just gave me more fire.

Joe said...

pards, kamusta na? pasensya na, wasn't able to talk to you about this. busy-busyhan din kasi sa review.. I admire your optimism.. Lalo na, the fact that you admitted something that I believe I can never admit to myself. Natakot naman ako bigla. I get good results kasi sa review exams.

Anyhow. I know you can manage. Ingat lang lagi.. Good luck pareho ta nga mag-exam next year. Ayo-ayo lang :)

Blakrabit said...

@Joe: I'm good naman bai. When you're down, there really is no other way but up that's why I'm optimistic about it. Sabi nga nila knowing your weakness makes you invincible. Kaya yun.

Hey, goodluck sa exam mo! Wag mo akong gayahin. Over confident. Don't under estimate the exam and don't trust in numbers.