Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inside. Outside. Outsiders.

Most of the boarders in our boarding house are out. They went on some sort of religious retreat and will be out for two days.

I'm was inside my room, reading some Robin Hobb. Some of the remaining tenants are just outside, in the study area, talking.

Their topic is interestingly about gayness and he center of their talk is the only open and loud gay among all of the boarders.

They are asking Gay Boarder how he came to be gay and some other stuffs like that. The first questions came from New Roommate and I was disgusted on how homophobic he really was.

"Hindi ka bakla. Lalaki ka!"

He was saying this to someone who acts and speaks as loud as Vice Ganda. Anyone who could've heard this will think of it as just a remark of concern until he followed it up with

"Nakakadiri kaya yun."

"Ginawa ng Diyos ang lalaki para sa babae."

"Hindi ka sasaya."

"May kakilala ako tulad mo pero straight na ngayon kasi lagi ko inuulit sa kanya yung mga sinasabi ko sayo saka binugbog ko. Haha!"

The latter was passed off as a joke but it barely reached my ear as one. Gay Boarder was cool enough to just laugh it all away. For that, I commend him. Some part of me got jealous of GB because he no longer hides who he really is and could come out to the open to defend himself. On my part, it would be futile for to put up a debate without making myself come out of the closet during the process. That's why I just had to write this down.

As NR and GB were talking, there was Self Righteous Religious Girl, butting in the conversation.

"Masarap daw kasi magka-sala kaya ayaw niyang mag bago."

"Hoy! Satanas! Umalis ka sa katawan ni GB! Paki kuha nga yung bible ko. May babasahin lang akong verse."

With SRRG's last remark, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I had to drown their voices with Dishwalla plugged straight to my ears.

It was what they believed, after all. I don't have to like it but I have to respect it.

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Kiks said...

the folly of youth.... turning into bigots!

there are battles you get into, spats you don't.


Mugen said...

Honga naman, magiging straight daw tayo kapag hinampas tayo ng Bibliya sa mukha. Lolz.

Kapag nakaka-encounter ako ng ganito, lagi kong sinasabi na bigyan ako ng Berso sa Bible kung saan lantarang sinabi ni Hesus na bawal maging bading. Yun lang. Tameme lahat ng kausap ko.

Blakrabit said...

@Kiks & Master: who ever thought being religious could make you so racist? Pero napaisip ako, kung babae ka, mangangamba ka nga sa kabadingan. Baka akala mo ginto yung jowa mo or type mong jowa-in eh tanso pala. Hihi.

I like Christ and the Bible's teachings. I just don't like many of their "Christians".