Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding My True North (Part 2 of 3)

I am not trying to preach or get all philosophical here but when you get to finally see things clearly and feel your connection with the universe, you'd want the world to know. Leonardo Da Vinci was right when he said, "Everything, in some way, is connected to everything else in the universe."

I guess I was first made aware of this fact when my aunt helped my mom start a small business. Though I live with my dad because he's the well-off one, I help my mom out with my two siblings' school allowance. That's one of the reasons why I couldn't afford to be jobless back then. I needed to help. But the odds have been in favor of me. My aunt's help made my hands less bounded by that responsibility.

Then there was the continuous stress build up at work, the "magic" that's been happening in the site and in a work place where the licensed and ass-kissers get all the glory, I knew It's not the garden I wanna be planted in. I wanna bloom somewhere else.

Friends who finally passed the May 2011 CE Board Exam. There was a pang of envy when I saw their Face Book walls filled with congratulations.

Of course, the climactic break-up with the boyfriend was as dramatic as ever. Lots of MMK moments. A true crowd pleaser.

And there was my dad who's been constantly bugging me to take the board exam again. All expences paid by him.

I knew he was right when he told me that I'm just a half-baked engineer without the license. I guess passing the board exam is the "ting!" an oven makes when it's done baking. But I couldn't afford not to work back then so I just shrugged it off. I took out the cookie dough before the oven could even make its sound, put it on the shelves and planned for it to be completely comsumed by the molds of fear, procrastination, lack of ambition and interest. Or until someone hungry enough to ignore its half-baked goodness and moldiness comes along to take a bite. But is anybody ever that hungry?


DN said...

iniisip ko na i'll eventually feel envious sa mga ka-klase ko when their results come out next year. pero i still have faith that He has His reasons kung kaya ayaw Niya ako mag-exam this year. Hehehehe.

Smile smile!

Blakrabit said...

@DN: yup! there's always a reason and you're they only one who can make sense of what's really happening. :D