Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding My True North (Part 1 of 3)

... or in this case, my True South.

It's been a month now since I first arrived here in the Queen City of the South to review for my board exam.

When friends ask me why, of all places, I chose to be exiled in this far flung city of Cebu when there is a plethora of civil engineering review centers proliferating in the busy streets of Manila, I just say, "I needed to escape a bitter past."

While it's not a lie, it's not the complete truth either. I just do it to give it a bit of drama and avoid long explanations. I'm never good at explanations. And I'm too lazy to give one. Three birds with one stone.

It was my failed relationship that gave me that final push to move way, waaaay down south. It was my kick-in-the-butt. And I am still bitter about that part.

Well, thinking about it, I have been following that direction my entire life. Makati. Taguig. Paranaque. Las Pinas. Muntinlupa. Laguna. Places that have chunks of my past. And now, Cebu. All to the south.

Anyways, those were just a part of a grand scheme of events that the universe set in motion to get me here.

Yes. The Universe.


Mugen said...

May your exile brings you healing.

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita :)

Blakrabit said...

Thanks master! Hanggang sa muli!