Saturday, June 24, 2006

can exes still be friends?

well, if you don't want to be in friendly terms with your ex, you'd probably be mortal enemies or or or or ... or you probably want to try and make the relationship work again.

they say, it is easier to get to a new relationshp than to mend an old one. but then, there's that big waord called "sayang". no amount of conflict measures up to the good times you've shared together. in love, time is relative. it's always never too late. even if you hate your ex so much, there's this little part in your heart that says, "i want you back"

by far, the hardest obstacle in a break-up is ironing out your differences. while it's true that you want to give your relationship another chance, there's one big question that you need to ask your former partner. does he still want to work out your relationship? to make the relationship hold, both of you have got to do something, not just you or him.

there are a gazillion reasons why both of you had to split. however gruesome the reasons for separating are, you need to talk it over. and the common mistake is, some couples try to resolve the issues in one sitting. there has to be a constant effort to continually solve it, so it does not happen again.

a relationship that breaks up is a relationship that is not strong enough. a "strong enough" relationship is defined as a relationship that can weather all sorts of challenges, temptation, and conflicts. a relationship is never without a problem, but the important thing is that you know eachother well that both of you now what to do.

i'd rather have bad times with you
than good times with someone else
i'd rather be beside you in a storm
than safe and warm by myself
i'd rather have bad times together
than to have it easy apart

these lines from the song "i'd rather" by Luther Vandross send us a message about the real meaning of love. that no matter hiw many times we fall and split, as long as there is enough love to rebuild the relationship, it's all worth the effort. it's all worth the hurt.

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DN / DeathNote said...

nakanaman ang kanta. hahahaha.

siguro dapat palitan ang lyrics nyan to suit undesirable no. 1:

"i'd rather have sexy times w/ them, than boring times w/ you"