Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's Really More Fun in the Philippines

In support of DOT's new tourism campaign, I did some #itsmorefuninthePhilippines photos just like in their ads and I don't care if it's the same catch phrase from Switzerland (from f*cking 1950's, people! 1950's!), the idea is very witty and very different. What I like about it is that it presents us with boundless possibilities for the ad and lets the netizens get involved in the campaign.

I did three photos. Sorry for the low quality. I only used MS Paint and I have very limited photos.

Automatic Tubig Machine. Dispenses cold water every P1.00

Saw these cute twins in SM Calamba sporting the same mohawks!

Okay, this one, I got from the net. This is the famous puso (hanging rice) which originated from Cebu.

Whanna learn how to make yours too? Click here.


Kiks said...

"More fun in the Philippines", I find, is a mouthful.

But i like the mohawk kids. ;-)

quin said...

natakam tuloy ako sa puso! =)meron bang ganon sa manila? ang lam ko sa mindanao lang dalas yong rice nasa niyog leaves.

the green breaker said...

ay! makamingaw man ang puso! natong grade 2 ko kay mao na akong kaunon ug barbecue. kalami!