Monday, January 16, 2012

Burn Out Bright

What’s worse than someone you like finding that you talk about him in your blog and posting his faceless picture in it just a day before your birthday?

I guess it’s the fact that your on and off more-than-friends-but-less-than-lovers status has been completely cut off from the power supply and that he now knows all about your dirty little secrets.

In a twisted way, it’s kind of flattering, him finding about my blog because that just means there’s enough interest to research about me. And also in a twisted way, it’s good that he knows who’s he really dealing with. Though it cost the severing of all our ties.

So, the birthday lunch date is off along with all those  little future somethings.
I didn’t really think about it but posting blurred photos of your dates for the amusement of yourself and others is really a bad idea that’s why I’ve taken them all down. I guess that’s just karma for me.
The thing is, the Universe have been constantly reminding me to let him be even before the big reveal happened. But I’m really a stubborn kid so that’s my fault too. So, I got slapped in the face and kicked in the butt in return.

On a good note, I’ve met some great friends here in Cebu. The first group of straight people who kind of know that I’m gay. Well, I’ve been hanging around a gay forum before I joined their group and they can definitely see my posting history and I’m not trying hide it. I don’t know if they’ll believe it or not since they didn’t seem to  have any inklings when I met with them during our Sinulog event (which was tiring but so much fun!) but it's just a matter of time until they piece things together. I'd like to see how that event would go.

There’s also the part about my work. I finally got in a good construction company here in Cebu who’s paying me more than what I’ve expected. I’m just a few days old here but I wouldn’t wanna mess this one up because I like the environment and the people.

I’m back on track but honestly, I still don’t know where I’m going even though all I have to do is follow the road where I am at. For now, all I can do is to just count my blessings and smell the flowers as I go.

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Kiks said...

happy bday Kune (that will be my new nick to you.)

let that rabbit hop along. you'll see that Bugs and other hoppers will simply be passing by.

Mugen said...

Kune seems to be a cute name.

Kune na rin tawag ko sayo. Hehe.

Maligayang kaarawan!!

Blakrabit said...


Kune sounds fun. LOL.
Thank you, guys!!

quin said...

before il say something, cheers muna happy birthday po sa inyo!!

in life as long as u are happy of what you are doing, masaya ka sa trabaho mo at naeenjoy mo meaning naabot mo yong point ng fulfillment at contentment. hindi daw kasi nagmamatter yon sa sweldo, malaki nga sweldo mo pero pinapatay ka naman sa work mo. ano pala profession mo blakrabit? hehehe kasi uve mentioned a construction company.

btw, yong sabi mong the power anytime pwede na ba yon madownload? masearch ko nga... thanks for that!!