Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wonderfalls (2004)

Jaye Tyler is your not-so-average girl next door. She holds a degree from Brown University, but instead decided to work at a souvenir shop at picturesque Niagara Falls. Her reason? She wanted to live an expectation-free life. She's rude to the customers, a total bitch to her lesbian sister and frowns at everything good about the world, and yet, she's the most likable character you'll ever meet. Her 'sodes started when inanimate objects started talking to her, telling her in cryptic messages to do spontaneous things without a reason. She has no choice but do as they say or they'll bug the hell out of her by singing her ears off.

One simple act will lead to a series events that at the end makes sense to her and the person she's unknowingly helped.

This show had the rare combination of great writing, acting and directing. This is evident by the great on screen chemistry. Watch just one episode and I guarantee you'll be hooked and wanting more.

I have not laughed so hard at a TV show in weeks. Especially since I didn't expect this to be a comedy.

The dialogue is hysterical. As I'm typing, I'm rewatching the pilot. Discussing Jaye's suddenly odd behavior, her sister suggests "I think we should put her down." Her brother agrees "It is just like going to sleep."

Or when she notices the bartender's cell phone is ringing in his back pocket---

Jaye: "Your ass is ringing."
Bartender: "My ass rings a lot."
Jaye: "Have you ever thought of setting it on vibrate?
Bartender: "I'm not sure I'm secure enough with my manhood to do that."
Jaye: "So, why do you have an ass if you don't answer it?"

"Wonderfalls" may be the best show you've never seen. I will never forget it. And simply hearing a description won't do it justice. It is a delightful, candy coated television treat. An authentic expression of generation-Y looking for its place in the world and not ready when it finds them. "Wonderfalls" is another triumph for the ingeniously creative Bryan Fuller (which just may be the most talented and most unlucky writer in the business today), who seems to be the only person in the world trying to put a spark in TV. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

the second reason why this is one of my favorite series


Knox Galen said...

Just like reading a good review written in the broadsheet. Bilib talaga ako sa iyo.

I think I've seen one episode of Wonder Falls before.

Blakrabit said...

@Master you should watch the whole series! No one should just watch a single Wonderfalls episode! I can make you a copy of the whole series if you want :D

gillboard said...

Fuller is a genius... loved this show before and pushing daisies... which sadly gone the way of Wonderfalls...

Anonymous said...

and I thought me and my sister were the only ones interested in Wonderfalls.i loved that show. darn fox for letting a good one go to waste. I saw this show on Star World in 2005 I think. I was waiting for the 2nd season but it never came. Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas) made me straight for a few months =)