Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Places We Should Have Gone

Wong Fu Production's Strangers, Again have been on the top of my Top Breakup Videos for weeks during my first month off my last relationship but only their The Places We Should Have Gone got me crying because it was so close to my reality.

I liked how this beautifully made short film's ending was open ended and is subjected to the viewers' interpretation.

So, what do you guys think happened in the end?

 As for me, Becky moved on.

"We often want second chances. Sometimes we don't deserve them. The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes."

quote and video are from here


canonista said...

I know this video and I have a drafted post regarding this one. You beat me in posting this. :-p

I love the video.

You just broke up? Same here.

Blakrabit said...

haha! 2 weeks ago pa nga dapat 'tong post na 'to. OK lang naman yan sigurado yours is better. :)

yeah, 2 months ago. but i'm doing good now. getting better.

you will too! pramis!

Sean said...

thanks for sharing this video. i loved it. sorry about your breakup, but i'm glad to hear you're coping well.

Anonymous said...

she obviously moved on, no question about that.

but the better question is, do we ever really?

it's the ones who didn't give it their all, that do move on.

Blakrabit said...

@anon 11:42AM

of course we do. there's no other way to go but up the moving-on ladder. there are no other choices.

true. those ones find it easy to detach themselves from their partners but we will too. it may take a little longer than them but we will. And it's healthier too.

Kane said...

Hey Blakrabit, how are you? Do not be surprised if there are a lot of hits coming from Facebook as I shared your link with my friends.

I found the film strangely moving; I cried, but not because I was sad, but because perhaps I understood her all too well.

I know you went through a difficult time. But it looks like things are getting better.

Cheers =)

Blakrabit said...


I'm doing great K! Thanks for sharing! Looks like I'll be owing you for getting this one out there. :D

yeah, it's very moving and people can really relate. It's sad when your partner do not support your love for travel and it's even sadder because you know that you won't enjoy traveling without them.

everything is where they should be right now. :D

Thank you again. :D

Kiks said...

a beautiful short.

i wish there are more of these. to portray in the simplest albeit not the exactest way how most of us feel inside.

i am happy you have replaced the lightbulb in your toilet.

Blakrabit said...

@Sean & @Kiks

It's a great short! very moving and real.

I am happy that I am moving on too! :D