Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hang Around

 All I want, really, is someone who will hang around. A guy who just really loves.... to be with me. I never imagined it would be this hard.

You find people like Randy who is on the same wavelength as you are but is emotionally unavailable and cold to even feel your warmth.

You then meet an Oliver who shares the same interests you do but is too egoistically self centered so you can never really call him yours.

There was a Warren who could love you with all his heart but the wall he built around himself, to be invulnerable, is just too strong even for him to break free no matter how hard he tries.

You venture into a gamble, risking friendship with Edison, but the vast field of differences really do get to you at some point and the friendship lost.

You try to connect with Larry  who says he wants someone serious but finds out later that he's got commitment and personal issues and just couldn't afford to share his life with you.

Then you hit it off with Lawrence who was very sweet in the beginning. But then, promises of him making up for the things you do never happened, inconsistencies accompany his romantic gestures and eventually, his sparks started dying out on you 

Then after everything that happened, you try to kid and play around yourself but what happens when you get tired? Yeah, what happens when you get tired?

What was all the pain for?
Well, hell if I know
And how much do I have in store?
Hell if I know now, I just don’t know

So true like you’re holding onto something
Like you’ve been in love with me for centuries

Singing hang around for me
You’ve got to hang around for me
If I’m gonna hang around for you

-Hang Around by Gregory Douglass, Shelter

this post was inspired by an article by marvinjammin
photos were from Gay Male Couples 
Yes, those are guys from my past. Not in chronological order. Not their real names.


Chip said...

You'll realize someday that it was good that it ended. If you want someone who will hang around for life, then an ex-boyfriend/date is obviously not it.

You'll get through this. ;)

Mugen said...

I don't have an idea what happened, but like chip, I hope and pray that you will rise again.


DN said...

aw... hanapin mo sa youtube 'yung clip ng somewhere only we know (glee version).

smile smile ^^

Chip said...

Mugen, I am not *hoping* that he get through this. I *know* he will. ;)

Straycat260 said...

pag napagod pahinga lang. mag-kitkat ka kaya "have a break." kaya mo yan, ikaw pa.

canonista said...

Sometimes. all we need is someone to be with. That's it. Whether romantically, or otherwise, at the end of the day. It is the loyalty of a companion that matters most.