Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Reviewer: Nissin Cup Noodles (Seafood) 60g

I was deep in a writing mood doing a blog post but then Procrastinus attacked and I couldn't write what's on my mind the way I'm imagining it correctly anymore so I figured that I could just write a food review down. Why instant noodles? Because I could practically live on the stuff! Best. Invention. Ever!

Noodles: 5/5
Nissin noodles have always tasted great and even though it's not as good as the Japanese ones, the local variants are still packed with flovors

Soup: 3.5/5
Tastes great but MSG scratched 1.5 points off.

Toppings: 3/5
The toppings have always been what our every local noodles lack. Such a downer compared to topping-filled cup noodles from Japan.

Price: 5/5
At P20, when bought is supermarkets, this one gives you your money's worth. 3 minute cooking alone is worth all the centavos!


DN / DeathNote said...

hahahah. next time 'yung yakisoba naman. :P

teka, pde sa diet mo ang cup noodles???

Blakrabit said...

@DN: Oo naman :D ang bawal lang sa diet ay meat hehe

DN / DeathNote said...

e di ba may crab meat yang cup noodles?

Blakrabit said...

Hehe imitation crab meat lang naman yun eh hehe saka i eat a little seafood... Shrimps, mussels, clams, crabs hehehe

Mugen said...

Astig! Refreshing to Blakrabit ah! Hehehe.

Blakrabit said...

@Mugen: haha! tenks master! dream entry ko 'to, ang mga review ng mga bagay bagay lalo na pagkain :D

Mugen said...

Review review ka lang ng food. Hehe yung hindi mo iisipin na rereviewihin ng iba... like

Chocnut versus Hani. Yung mga ganun type. Lol.

Rain Darwin said...

nakakatuyo daw ng utak ang MSG. hehehe... la lang kwento ng matatanda.

Blakrabit said...

@Rain_Darwin: yup! Kaya lang mahirap takasan ang sumpa ng betsin dahil halos lahat ng pagkain meron nun huhuhu... Kelangan pang huntingin ang mga pagkaing walang msg

DN / DeathNote said...

nyahahaha. animals pa rin yung mga un. PETA ka pa din kagaya ko!!!