Friday, February 06, 2009

Master Procrastinator


Woah! I can't believe that the last I've been here to post was about two and a half years ago. You know those feelings you get when you just got home from a very long vacation and your house is all dusty and webby(is that even a word?)? Yep! Those happy-nostalgic-familiar feelings... I'm totally having them right now.

Actually, there have been a thousand attemps to ressurect this darkly lit blog of mine. Every new year, every birthday and every week-long vacations preceding my last posts have been full of intentions but being a Master Procrastinator, it's my duty to defer those thoughts until the need to free some space on my pending list. Although those attempts weren't all that unproductive since I've changed this blog's design template for a couple of times in an earlier resurrection attempt. I even deleted all of those naughty posts on my archive along with my very own customized template (and reverted back to the default template which I wished I haven't).

But now, here I am tapping my keyboard loudly and trying my best not to commit any grammatical and spelling errors and forcing myself to finish this comeback post.

It's very nostalgic reading all my posts from the beginning and memories just flooded my head. I've been laughing at all my crappy lines. I guess that I was as stupid back then as any teenagers.

-became the stupidest person just for the sake of someone I loved (or was infatuated with?)
-casual sex
-been obsessed with the notion that I had to have someone just to feel complete
-chat rooms, personals sites
-RPGs and Online Games

Yeah, I guess that was basically me 2 and 1/2 years ago.

It was nice to know that in the span of that time, I did grow up to be a better me


Mugen said...

We all grow up to become a better person. Two years ago and you'd find a different Joms as well.

Galing mo pala magsulat idol eh. Nawa'y ang iyong presence sa blogspace ay magencourage sa ibang mga tiga TC na magsulat rin. :)

dabo said...

so this is an exisitn gblog before.. welcome back to blogosphere!

Blakrabit said...

@dabo: yup! heheh newly ressurected pero naghihingalo pa sa posts hehe.. just until my board exam anyways :D

thanks for visiting :D